Re-absorbing Open Source Saxophone Project Content

The open source saxophone project ended up being mostly me doing it (although I had some fantastic help with the pivot screw stuff) and it seemed dumb and felt like extra work maintaining two different websites. So I have added everything that was once on the Open Source Saxophone Project to this website, under Sax … Read more

My Take-Home Tools

  Originally written in 2014.  I still use basically this same toolset as my take-home tools, but I need to update this article.       Even though I work in a workshop about 50 feet from my front door, sometimes I work from a backup bench in my house- in inclement weather, or perhaps I … Read more

The Open Source Saxophone Project

If you are a frequent visitor to this site or follow me on Facebook or YouTube, you may already know about the Open Source Saxophone Project, my other website dedicated to technical information about the saxophone and saxophone repair.  But then again, a surprising number of people who found me via YouTube or Facebook still … Read more

New Horn Setup Procedure

Repair Procedures- New Saxophone Setup (Note: When I briefly sold new saxophones, this was standard for every new saxophone I sold and was included in the price, but if you have a new saxophone you have bought elsewhere you can have me perform this service on your horn.  Contact me for a rough estimate based … Read more

Handmade in Wherever

  A saxophone should be clear about its origin.   Note: this article rant is directed at new or inexperienced players who haven’t been around the saxophone scene very long.  It is also just like, my opinion, man.     One of the repeating questions I get from new saxophone consumers is a variation on … Read more

Nobody Was Here

  I strive in my job to be invisible.  I figure these instruments will be around for 200-300 years, the guys who designed them were smarter than me, and when in proper operating condition they work extremely well.  I try to make them to where the designer could look at it all these years on … Read more

I Timed a Saxophone Overhaul

Been working on it for a little while and finally had a horn (the Conn 6M pictured above) that had the perfect situation to allow me to record a baseline overhaul time on a horn that is in *excellent* condition to start with. I have subtracted the time spent polishing, since that is not “baseline”, … Read more

A Possibly Wrong Primer on Engraving

Absent much other information freely available on the web, here is   A Possibly Wrong Primer on Musical Instrument Engraving I say possibly wrong because it is written by myself (introduction) and my partner at the time Bianca (the more helpful bit with tool links), and between the two of us we barely constitute an … Read more