The Open Source Saxophone Project

If you are a frequent visitor to this site or follow me on Facebook or YouTube, you may already know about the Open Source Saxophone Project, my other website dedicated to technical information about the saxophone and saxophone… Read More

Handmade in Wherever

  A saxophone should be clear about its origin.   Note: this article rant is directed at new or inexperienced players who haven’t been around the saxophone scene very long.  It is also just like, my opinion, man…. Read More

Nobody Was Here

  I strive in my job to be invisible.  I figure these instruments will be around for 200-300 years, the guys who designed them were smarter than me, and when in proper operating condition they work extremely well. … Read More

I Timed a Saxophone Overhaul

Been working on it for a little while and finally had a horn (the Conn 6M pictured above) that had the perfect situation to allow me to record a baseline overhaul time on a horn that is in… Read More

Otto Link (The Man Himself) Refacing Article, 1950

This is a short article from the summer 1950 edition of “The Clarinet”, featuring the actual Otto Link talking about his refacing process. I have an old Otto Link ad for refacing services published at about the same… Read More

How To Say “Buescher”

How to pronounce the name of the Buescher Band Instrument Company (named after the founder, Gus Buescher) is something that comes up frequently among folks such as myself- saxophone geeks who also like to get things right- and… Read More

A 3-D Printed Saxophone

Olaf Diegal, a professor of product development at the Lund Universty, has created a partially playable saxophone through additive manufacturing- also known as 3-D printing.  Read the original article here and read my short commentary below. While I think… Read More

A Really Nice Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Facing

One of the less common things to see around is a nice mouthpiece facing, freely given.  Perhaps this is because refacing is not something you should try lightly (and if you do, prepare to ruin a lot of… Read More