Gear – fine used saxophones, vintage and modern.  I do overhauls on some of the horns on this site.  Now also a maker of incredibly great replica mouthpieces. 
Morgan Mouthpieces – My favorite modern mouthpieces.
Ted Klum – My other favorite modern mouthpieces.
SaxQuest – Saxophones (& other gear), vintage and modern. Affiliated with (link below)

There are a lot of repairers out there, and these are not the only good ones. They are just the ones I know well enough, and have seen enough of their work, and have heard good things over a long period of time, to recommend. I hope to add more to this over time.

Carlo Cennamo – Seattle 
Scott Granlund – Seattle
Bill Singer – New Jersey

Education and Information – one of the most comprehensive saxophone history sites on the web – no longer updated, owned by USAhorn.
Pete Hales Blog – the man formerly known as saxpics has a new blog, and its full of good stuff. – Incredible resource of vintage saxophone knowledge. Affiliated with SaxQuest.
CyberSax Q&A – Archived version, as the original site is now down.  Some great information in here.
Bassic Sax – A saxophone site with lots of cool information and links to other helpful sites.
Steven Howard – Saxophone repair and information site run by Steven Howard out of the U.K.
Mouthpiece Museum – Information and galleries for vintage saxophone mouthpieces.
The Martin Story – Exhaustive history of Martin saxophones.
The HN White Page – History of the H.N. White (King) musical instrument company, makers of King saxophones.
Jay Easton’s Sax Family Album – Pictures and sound clips of many different shapes and sizes of saxophone, including original Adolphe Sax instruments.  Just listen to the beauty of the Adolphe bass sax, beating the pants off of a modern Selmer even though the Adolphe was in bad shape gathering dust in a museum!
Best Saxophone Website Ever:  The humbly-named website by D0ron Orenstein is chock full of good saxophone information, including a few articles by yours truly.
Theo Wanne Mouthpiece Knowledge: Lots of really good mouthpiece stuff here by Theo Wanne, a mouthpiece maker and (former?) refacer.
M. Postma Sax Page:  Don’t know much about this site except it seems to have tons of neat-o stuff all over it that isn’t found anywhere else, like saxophone bore comparisons.
UNSW Saxophone Acoustics Page:  University of New South Wales introduction to saxophone acoustics page.
Van Cott Information Services – Some hard-to-find saxophone books here.
Connsortia – Tons of Conn saxophone information and photos here.  

Forums (Grain-Of-Salt-Dept.)

Both of these seem to be much less active- and not nearly as nice to hang out in – than they were 10-15 years ago.  But you can still use the search functions to find that someone probably had something to say about whatever you want to learn at some point in the past.  I no longer participate due to rising levels of toxicity, but I found them very, very useful at the beginning of my career. 

– largest saxophone forum on the web.
Woodwind Forum – a more recent forum for all woodwinds.

Repair Tools and Materials

Ferree’s Tools
Votaw Tool Company
J. L. Smith Company
Allied Supply
NAPBIRT Online Store
– If you are interested in learning about woodwind repair, get the “Complete Woodwind Repair Manual” by Reg Thorpe here.