Saxophones For Sale

Click the link in the short description next to the photo for the listing page for each instrument with details, price, and gallery. Contact me with any questions or to purchase an instrument.

For sale: Conn New Wonder II alto saxophone in silver plate

I do not often have saxophones for sale these days as I am kept busy (and usually running behind) on regular customer repairs, but if I have any, they will be here.  If you are looking for saxophones online, my first and strongest suggestion is to get one from Brian at  He is honest, pleasant to deal with, loves vintage saxophones, is super knowledgeable, and has a good return policy.  He also has a good deal of my time reserved (he waited like everyone else) and you can have him get me to overhaul a horn you are purchasing from his site- I charge him my normal price, he charges you exactly what I charged him.