Saxophone Hinge Tube Bushing

This is an advanced repair that can be undertaken when a hinge tube in a saxophone (or other similar musical instrument) has been so worn or has so little expose hinge tube that normal swedging will not fix poor key fit. The pictures and text for this article have been graciously provided by Larry Gerhardt … Read more

Evaluating a Used Saxophone for Purchase

This is a video I made, but in case you can’t watch it, I have provided the script below.  I ad-libbed quite a few additional things for the video and obviously illustrated the things I talked about, so I would encourage you to watch it if you can, but if not the text below will … Read more

How To Install And Seat Saxophone Pads

This article is designed to give you some background on how installing saxophone pads can work.  If you are learning repair, this can help teach you how to do it.  If you are an interested consumer, this can teach you a bit about why replacing a pad isn’t cheap when its done well and how … Read more

Saxophone Part Nomenclature

Naming saxophone parts, like much of the repair business, can differ depending on who is doing it.  The guide I have provided here is what I have learned/decided to call the parts, and may be different from what you like to use or have heard used.  But since there doesn’t seem to be a reliable … Read more

The Disclaimer

As I am fond of saying, there are almost as many ways to do this job right as there are to do it wrong. Use this information wisely. Do not learn repairs on a great saxophone.  The great saxophones of today and in particular yesteryear are singular and irreplaceable, and properly cared for will last for … Read more

Saxophones On Which To Learn Repair

First things first: DO NOT LEARN TO REPAIR ON A GREAT SAXOPHONE.  The great saxophones of today and in particular yesteryear are singular and irreplaceable, and properly cared for will last for 200-300 years.  This means they belong mostly to future generations, since the majority of their useful life lays ahead of them.  We are stewards … Read more

Tools: Level Two

Tools: Level 2 Basic overhaul of your own saxophone (minor mechanical work) These are the tools (in addition to all of the tools and supplies from Level One) that you can expect to use if you are going to perform a disassembly, cleaning, and full repad/basic overhaul of your own saxophone(s).  The cost represented here … Read more

Build A Saxophone Repair Workbench

Your work area is the literal foundation for your saxophone repair, and as such it needs to be stable, level, sturdy, and clean.  It can be simple or complex, but it must always be well thought-out.  Remember that your work will reflect its origins. The following are my recommendations based on my experiences, obviously you … Read more