Saxophone Repair Information

These sections require tiny bit of explanation. The Index is probably the “easiest” way to browse the entirety of my repair content. This includes everything that used to be on the “Open Source Saxophone Project”.

The Index
A comprehensive index all of the saxophone repair information I have created so far, organized by topic. Over 230 videos and articles as of September 2022. Updated as I create more.

Articles and Info
This is where my written saxophone repair content goes, arranged in chronological order, as I write it, blog-like. Articles on padwork, saxophone makes & models, guides for tools and saxophones upon which to learn repair, all that stuff is here. To see it organized by topic (probably best), go to the Index which is linked at the bottom of this page. All of the articles from the Open Source Saxophone Project are in here now.

On The Bench
When I have the time and an interesting saxophone comes through, I will do a quick writeup with some photos here after I have overhauled it. Sort of like a blog for the repairs I do. Some interesting stuff here like a Selmer that came out of a barn, some Conns made during World War II, and other stuff. Not in the index.

I make a lot of videos for my YouTube Channel, Stohrer Music Saxophone Repair. The link above gives a brief overview of how I have it set up, along with a link to the channel, or you can just click here to go straight to my channel. To see them organized by topic, go to the Index.