Please note: I am currently booked solid for the foreseeable future, and am only taking work from previous clients. However I am happy to help with saxophone questions when I can.

I am a one-man shop and lucky to be very busy, so please read this whole page before contacting me so we can have an optimal experience together.

Unless you have information I need to remember/refer to later, I vastly prefer phone calls. If you call and I cannot pick up, leave a message. If you call repeatedly and do not leave a message, know that I am likely trying to seat a pad, or do dentwork, or solder something, and I cannot pick up because my hands are actually busy and I have to listen to phone ringing all the way through while I am trying to concentrate. If you call repeatedly without leaving messages, I will set your number to silent from then on. This still seems to happen a lot though ¯\_(?)_/¯

Best times to call: For phone calls, I typically am in the shop and can answer the phone (if I have a hand free) between 10am-3pm EST Monday through Friday.  Leave a message if I don’t pick up and I will get back to you. 

If you do send an email, include a phone number in it to increase your chances of a timely response from me, and if I respond through email, please don’t be offended if my response seems curt/clipped- it was simply in the interest of time and trying to get back to you sooner.  

I do not have a physical store, and my repair shop is private and by appointment only.  I work from my home in the countryside outside Durham, North Carolina USA, and I do ship internationally. 

If you’ve bought a sax elsewhere and want me to take a look at photos to see if you got a decent deal, sorry, I can’t help you.  It takes about a half hour for me to evaluate a saxophone based on photos alone- if the photos are even good enough and usually they aren’t- and the results are not guaranteed anyways.  Prior to this disclaimer, I would get asked 5-10 times per week, and I simply don’t have that much time to give away for free.  If you want to pay me my shop hourly rate AND you’ve got tons of super great photos, I can give you an opinion but frankly you’d be better off taking it somewhere in person for an examination if you have the ability.

Phone (no texts): 919-901-1191.   (Please note I am not currently accepting any new clients.) Best for questions.  Leave a message if I can’t pick up. 

Email:  This is the best way to reach me if you have something you want me to remember or refer to in the future.  I also like seeing pictures of cool, rare, unusual saxophones and learning new things.