The Open Source Saxophone Project

If you are a frequent visitor to this site or follow me on Facebook or YouTube, you may already know about the Open Source Saxophone Project, my other website dedicated to technical information about the saxophone and saxophone repair.  But then again, a surprising number of people who found me via YouTube or Facebook still email me every week asking for a resource that already exists on the OSSP, so this post is a sort of Hi! from the OSSP to you, inviting you to come check it out.  

There are Tool Guides

There are Repair Guides

There is one CAD file for a pivot screw (with several more coming soon), and some Google Docs with key height and neck measurements (not much there yet, but more coming soon) in the Files & Specs section 

You can donate if you feel moved to do so

There is a growing Index of sax repair articles from around the web organized like a Table of Contents for a book on sax repair

There is a full archive of the old CyberSax website at Preservation Hall

And there is a lot more on the way.  So hi there! from my other website.  Share and enjoy.