My Take-Home Tools


Originally written in 2014.  I still use basically this same toolset as my take-home tools, but I need to update this article.  

Working from home. Regular workshop (Airstream) visible out the window.



Even though I work in a workshop about 50 feet from my front door, sometimes I work from a backup bench in my house- in inclement weather, or perhaps I am feeling lazy.  I have an old toolbox where I keep my most-used tools, and over time I have honed it into a fairly complete set of what can get me through 90% or so of my work- once dentwork and cleaning has been taken care of, anyhow.  In the event that you find it interesting to know, check through the photos below to see what my personal toolbox contains.  


The tool chest in its spot in the at-home bench.


Inside of a little tin that sits in the top of the box: key felts, spare parts.


Key oil, torch, butane, lapping compound, alcohol lamp, assorted sandpapers, contact cement, bench block


Misc. stuff: rawhide hammer, tonehole files, lapping compound, glues, epoxy, old school cork grease, aluminum foil ball, dremel with pink silicone wheel


Hinge tube reamers, steel wool, pad iron set (Ferree’s)


Calipers, pin vises, spring hooks, keyguard adjustment tool, tweezers, drumstick stub, pad irons, assorted natural and synthetic corks


Razor blades, assorted materials (felt, teflon, synthetic felt, leather, teflon and heat shrink and polyethylene tubing)


Assorted pliers (flat, round nose, duckbill, spring cutting, spring installing, spring removing, parallel, Utica 1300-6, whole spring removal pliers, tiny adjustable wrench), swedging collets, pipe cleaners and q-tips.


Hole punches and screwdrivers.


Exact shape pivot reamers, pivot screw counterbores, hinge tube facers, assorted swedging pliers and post fitting pliers, lapping compound.


Tonehole lifting set (Votaw), assorted tubing, key bending arms (Ferree’s), key bending wedges (Ferree’s), assorted files.


The tool chest, an old Gerstner I got at a pawn shop.