Conn Transitional 6M Alto Saxophone


Here is what it looked like after it was done:



*This saxophone is pictured prior to overhaul- unpolished!  It will be overhauled prior to sale and will look nearly new.*

This is a mid-period Conn 6M transitional alto saxophone from 1932.  It features 6M-style upper and lower stack keys, Eb/C cluster, palm keys, side keys, octave mechanism, and underslung double-socket neck.  It has a rather rare variant of the LH pinky table- 6M style linkages with left hand bell keys, but a New Wonder Series II style pinky table- although slightly tweaked from the New Wonder Series II.  And of course it has the transitional-only feature of the swivel thumbrest.   This saxophone features the art-deco style engraving, which is a beautiful design only seen for a few years during the transitional run.

This horn is in exceptionally good physical shape, and last saw action in the 1960s, and since them has been sitting in a closet.   It will receive a full overhaul prior to sale, and if you catch me and reserve the horn before I overhaul it, you can have the overhaul done to your specifications.

This is going to be a very nice saxophone with excellent ergonomics, very good intonation, and a full and centered tone.  The silver plate is in excellent condition, and once it is overhauled it will look nearly new.

This saxophone comes in its original case, which is still in good condition.

I did a video about Conn transitional alto saxophones (and am working on an article right now that I will link here when I am done), and you can view the video here.

I quite like Conn transitional saxophones, and in particular the 6M is a very nice alto saxophone that I believe is undervalued.

SOLD and overhauled to its new owners specifications!