Collectors Condition Conn Transitional Alto Saxophone with Original Warranty



Well here is a pretty amazing find.

This is a very early Conn 6M transitional alto saxophone with original case, original mouthpiece, original neck strap, original lyre holder, and original warranty booklet.  It has never been overhauled, and still sports its original pads from its manufacture in 1931.  This is an exceptionally rare find in my experience for a Conn, and before now I have only seen one other horn with its original warranty booklet.  That makes this horn a saxophone that will play great, look beautiful once I overhaul it before sale, and be a good collector’s investment.

It will be overhauled prior to sale, and I have provided a photo for comparison of a similar Conn transitional that I just overhauled so you can see what this old beauty will look like once it is cleaned and polished of its 82 years of tarnish over its original thick silver plate.

This particular variation is mostly New Wonder Series II, with the exception of the art-deco engraving and the sculpted side E key, making it the very earliest of the variations at Conn transitioned from the New Wonder Series II to the eventual 6M (aka “Naked Lady”).

I did a video about Conn transitional alto saxophones (and am working on an article right now that I will link here when I am done), and you can view the video here.

I quite like Conn transitional saxophones, and in particular the 6M is a very nice alto saxophone that I believe is undervalued.