Couf Superba I Tenor Saxophone in Black Nickel



This is a rather more rare variant of an excellent saxophone, the Couf Superba I.

The Couf Superba I was made by Keilwerth, and is the predecessor to the SX90R series of saxophones which are still sold today (in fact, I am a Keilwerth dealer, so if you want a modern one, I can do that too!).   This is a professional model saxophone, featuring rolled toneholes, a wide bow and large bell, high F# key, and black nickel plate finish.  The ergonomics are very good with oversized pearls, intonation is good, and the tone is warm, lush, and ballsy.  Great horn for jazz, R&B, rock, gospel, soul… the list goes on.  These are excellent saxophones, and I am a fan of them.

This one is rather rare in that it is both finished in black nickel (which you don’t see often) and it has a high F# key.

Very good physical condition and will be fully overhauled prior to sale.  Some wear to finish as pictured.  Serial number is 84xxx, which puts its manufacture at around 1982.

If you would like to reserve this horn before I overhaul it, I can overhaul it to your specifications.

I made a video about a gold plated Couf Superba I and you can view it here.  It was very similar to this one, except the F# key on the gold-plated one is different and not quite as ergonomically friendly as the type on this black nickel Superba.

This is a great sax, and is going to make someone who needs a ballsy-sounding tenor very happy.