1929 Conn New Wonder II Alto Saxophone

This is a Conn New Wonder Series II alto saxophone in original silver plate, currently very old pads (probably from the 40s or so) and scheduled for a full overhaul, which is included in the price. If you reserve it prior to me completing the overhaul I can customized aspects of it to your specifications.

The overall physical condition is good, and the plating seems quite thick. Once the overhaul is completed, this horn will be snappy under the fingers with one of the most powerful alto voices you can find. Intonation on these is typically good, and with a fully functioning microtuner the available options for a well-tuning mouthpiece selection can be wider than you might expect, since you can decouple changing the interior volume from changing the length of the sounding column.

The tone on these is fat, rich, and wide, and arguably the most powerful-sounding alto out there. You would be hard pressed to get a New Wonder II to back up on you- the feel is bottomless, with very little resistance (unless you set them up with closer key heights, which is possible thanks in part to the tuning potential of the microtuner). Ergonomics are fairly comfortable, especially in alto, once they are set up correctly.

These horns are not particularly highly valued, partly due to abundance and partly (in my opinion) to the low odds of finding one with an airtight neck and microtuner that are also functioning correctly. But boy, when they are set up right and everything is working as designed, these are fantastic horns, all the way from soprano to bass, with the soprano alto and tenor being particularly good. As a result, the price here is mostly just the cost of the overhaul.

This horn will come with a modern case, and the price includes shipping inside the USA.

Price: $2400

Contact me to purchase or inquire about this horn.