The Beauty of Saxophones: 1928 Conn F Mezzo-soprano

This is a 1928 Conn F Mezzo-soprano saxophone, freshly overhauled by me.

These saxophones in the unusual key of F were introduced months before the market crash of 1928, and only a few were sold- to those rare customers who were both saxophone crazy and had disposable income during the Great Depression.  The unsold horns- which were the majority- were used as fodder at the Conn repair school.  As a result, not many of these unique instruments survive, and even fewer still in this condition.

Behold a beautiful survivor, an orphan of the Jazz Age.


(click for high-resolution photos)





And here is a size comparison, next to a regular Eb alto (also a Conn, in this case a 1932, but not yet overhauled):


For more information on the Conn F Mezzo-soprano saxophone, see here:

1. The Saga of the F saxophone, by Paul Cohen  (pdf)

2. Saxpics: Conn F Saxophones  


As of 9-13-2012, this horn is available for sale here: Conn F Mezzo-soprano


I made a Repairman’s Overview of this horn as well: