Vintage Saxophone Calendar!

I’ve gotten some of these for the shop every year since they’ve been made, and also been submitting pictures and luckily getting my pictures put in!  This year though I’ve got the cover, which is pretty cool.  Its a photo I took a while ago (should actually be in the gallery here) of a Selmer Super (Balanced) Action low Bb baritone in the empty room above me in the warehouse in Brooklyn where I had my first solo shop.


Proceeds benefit, a great and free saxophone resource, so kill two birds with one stone and get a beautiful sax calendar and support Pete Hales, the creator of and


2012 calendar.

Stohrer Music News, Vol. 2
A Short History of Amati Saxophones by Dennis Gazarek
1930 Conn 12M Transitional Baritone Saxophone “Art Deco” Engraving
Stohrer Music News, December 2014