I’m back!

It is November 2020, and I am back to repairing saxophones for a living after a year-long sabbatical.  I return with a renewed passion and a lot of perspective. I was lucky to have the time away so I could see how truly lucky I am to have this job, to do what I love, and to feel like what I do matters to me.  

Contact me to schedule an overhaul, which is mostly what I am doing these days since shipping costs make less-than-overhaul work less feasible for folks who aren’t local.

This website needs rebuilt, and I will be doing that soon- probably combining the opensourcesaxophoneproject.com website with this one, with a new foundation that is not WordPress. Hopefully before the new year, although it is a fairly involved process since there is a LOT of content to move around.

In the meantime, I will not be updating this site, but I will continue to make videos on YouTube.