1950 King Super 20 Alto

This horn was for sale here on my website, and was bought and overhauled to the new owners specifications (flat metal resonators, which I like on Kings) and it is now heading to its new home.  I did a full mechanical rebuild on this horn, which on a King can be a bit time consuming due to the nickel-silver keywork (which is a harder metal than brass and thus more challenging to refit) and the complexity of said keywork.

However when finished, nickel silver is long-wearing and this horn (and any other King so overhauled) can be expected to stay in good mechanical adustment for a long, long time.

I love Kings.  The Zephyr Special and the early Super 20s are some of my favorite horns ever made.  The sound is just incomparable, and when they are set up right they really fly.  I love the feel of the large, shallow pearls and the incredible speed of the action.  If you ever get a King and you don’t feel like you are playing one of the fastest horns ever made, its not set up right.  And the sound, my goodness the sound.

These are such fantastic saxophones.  I’m happy to have been able to give this horn a leave-no-stone-unturned overhaul and set it on its way again.