Buffet Super Dynaction Tenor Saxophone, Museum Condition, Fresh Overhaul




This is an original lacquer nearly mint condition Buffet Super Dynaction tenor saxophone, hand-built in France in 1971 with serial 18xxx.  Originally sold in Canada, it has its original case, which is different from the US version, along with its original strap, mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap, ligature, and an unopened box of Rico brown box tenor reeds.  The original keys to the case are even still strapped to the handle.

The lacquer is fully intact, original, and has the beautiful crazing effect sometimes called “Sparkle Lacquer”.   There are no dents, no dings.  Even the case is immaculate, inside and out.

The horn looks new.

The tone is huge, powerful, and lush.  I have heard people say that they feel like SDA’s lack power, but I’d bet them dinner they just haven’t played one properly set up.  With the key heights set properly and resonators that don’t get in the way and a good pad job, these horns are bottomless.   Intonation is excellent, and response is very quick and easy.

The ergonomics are very comfortable- very similar to a modern horn or a VI,  just a bit different with respect to placement and action, but modern and easy to use for hands both large and small.

I have given it a meticulous overhaul with seamless flat metal resonators, and it plays beautifully and effortlessly.  You will be hard pressed to find a better tenor anywhere, at any price.   You can take this gigging the night you receive it and play it hard for years before you even need an adjustment made, or you could put it in the closet and watch the value appreciate as more folks realize that these are great all-around horns with immaculate craftsmanship.  I could go on and on, but the photos speak for themselves and if I apply many more (deserved) superlatives, you will just get tired of reading them.

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