New Website!

book 1

Or rather, a complete redesign.  Expect some hiccups, but please report any weirdness you find so I can fix it.  Migrating images from the old one to the new one is proving to be rather difficult, and I have learned a valuable lesson: don’t use WordPress themes that put all of your media in a non-standard folder!

This new look was chosen for several reasons:

1. Emphasis on content.  As I create more articles and videos, I want a way to show those more readily on my website.

2. More beautiful photos.  I like photos, and I like sharing what awesome stuff I get to see.  This design does that a lot better than my old one.

3. Higher resolution screens, different sizes, touchscreens.  As higher resolution screens of many sizes- often utilizing touch- become the norm (my PHONE is 1080p now, higher resolution than my 3 year old laptop!), a look that was more responsive to different screen sizes and worked with touch navigation while still allowing beauty at high resolutions was needed.

Well, welcome to it, look around, let me know what you think.