Buffet Super Dynaction Tenor Saxophone, Almost New Condition


This is a 1972 Buffet Super Dynaction tenor saxophone in nearly original condition with the original case and warranty card- which hasn’t even been filled out yet!  The physical condition is nearly immaculate, with only a couple small scratches to show for being over 40 years old.  It still plays pretty well on its original pads and corks, but I will be overhauling it for sale with flat metal resonators to make it perfect- overhaul included in the price.

I own an almost identical Super Dynaction as my personal tenor- one year later and also nearly original condition, overhauled with flat metal resonators- or I’d never put this one up for sale.  In my opinion, the Buffet Super Dynaction is one of the best all-around saxophones ever made, and can easily compete with the venerated Mark VI at less than half the price.  The ergonomics are comfortable and modern (though unique and slightly different- this is a Buffet, not a Yamaha), the intonation is excellent, the tone is lush and large and can play anything from classical to funk with the right mouthpiece.   Build quality is excellent, and the underlying design is well thought-out and finely crafted.

Whether you are looking for a lifetime horn that can hang with whatever you want to play or a collectible saxophone in rare condition with a strong upside appreciation potential, you’ve found it.

This horn is scheduled for an overhaul.  If you reserve it before I finish it, you can have the overhaul done to your specifications.