Holton 232 Alto Saxophone (sleeper handmade in USA pro horn!)




This is a post-war but pre-buyout Holton 232 alto saxophone, a professional model that is identical to the Holton 234 “Stratodyne” (which was their absolute top-of-the-line and the best horn they ever made) with the exception of some aesthetic differences (engraving, key guards) and the design of the octave mechanism.  The bore is the same as the Stratodyne, and just like the Stratodyne, under the fingers it is a comfortable horn, intonation is good, build quality is very good, and the tone is great– fat and full and rich.

This horn is original lacquer, and in very good condition.  It comes in its original hard shell case, and will be overhauled prior to sale.  If you would like to purchase it and you catch me before I do the overhaul, you have it overhauled to your specifications.

These horns are pretty obscure- most Holton saxophones are either in the waaaay vintage category or in more modern times are thought of as student saxophones like the better known Holton Collegiate line.  But for a short period following World War II but before being bought out by Leblanc, Holton put out some truly great saxophones.  But due to small numbers produced in a short time period (along with pretty meager advertising at the time) they remain mostly unknown which means you can get a vintage professional American-made horn for less than a new student Yamaha.   And as far as American-made saxophones go, these post-war Holtons are the best bargain by far, and I doubt they will remain so indefinitely.

The majority of the price on this horn is the cost of the overhaul I will put into it- I was able to score this horn very cheap, and I am passing on the savings to you.

If you are looking for a great saxophone at a rock-bottom price, this is about as low as you’ll ever find one with a fresh top-shelf overhaul on it.