Yamaha “Purple Logo” 62 Alto Saxophone




This is an excellent original condition Yamaha “Purple Logo” YAS-62 alto saxophone.  It comes in its original case, and will be overhauled before sale- and if you catch me before I do the overhaul, it can be done to your specifications.

The “Purple Logo” series YAS-62 was made from the late 1970s until the early 90s, was Yamaha’s top of the line model at that time, and is different in both feel and tone and construction to the modern version of the YAS-62.  It possesses all of the best qualities one is looking for in a modern saxophone- excellent Yamaha quality construction, modern ergonomics, excellent intonation- with the fullness and richness of tone you associate with a vintage horn.  Modern Yamahas are excellent saxophones to be sure, but their tone can be too clear and pure for some folks (yours truly included).  This sax is a different breed of Yamaha, and represents (alongside the Yanagisawa 880) one of the best values in the saxophone world today if you are looking for modern ergonomics.  It truly is the best of both worlds- rich vintage tone with modern ergonomics and scale, and craftsmanship that is hard to beat.

This particular example is in nearly mint condition.  These photos have not been altered, and I even had to turn down the exposure quite a bit to stop it from gleaming in a ridiculous manner.  The pads and materials are original, and this saxophone will receive a full overhaul prior to sale to make it better than new, and in like-new condition.

If you are looking for an excellent all-around saxophone with the flexibility of a Mark VI but at 1/3 the price, if you are looking for a lifetime saxophone that will never hold you back AND leave your wallet intact- you’ve found it.