RARE Keilwerth New King Series II Alto Saxophone




Now here is a really rare saxophone.

This is a Keilwerth New King Series II alto saxophone- one of only about 500 ever produced, and the only Keilwerth horns ever to have soldered and beveled toneholes (like a Martin).   Not much is known about these saxophones, except that they were produced only for a very short time after Keilwerth moved from Czechoslovakia to Germany after World War II.  Rumor has it these are exceptional instruments, and they rarely show up for sale, and even rarer still in good condition.

For more info, see here: http://saxpics.com/?v=mod&modID=75

This saxophone is in very good original condition, with nearly 100% of its original matte silver plate intact.  The only flaw is the G key arm has been resoldered- something I plan on redoing when this horn gets its scheduled overhaul.

I am somewhat of a Keilwerth aficianado, and I am sorely tempted to keep this horn for myself.  I’ve got so many other altos, though…

Once the overhaul is complete, I will add more pictures here.  In the meantime, feel free to ask questions or reserve this horn if you are interested.