1951 Martin “The Martin” Committee III Tenor Saxophone, All Original




This is a one-owner 1951 Martin Committee III tenor in excellent shape, with original lacquer at 95%, original case, serial-matched neck, no dents or resolders, action is tight, original end plug.  This saxophone came to me with its original pads and is getting its first-ever overhaul for sale.  Even the original lyre holder- the first I have ever seen on a Martin Committee III- is in the (original) tri-pack case.   This horn was obviously loved by its owner and well taken care of, and soon will be making music again, and should continue making music for decades to come.

Serial number is 178xxx, dating it to 1951.

For more Martin history, see here, here, and here.

You don’t often see these horns in such good shape, and after an overhaul, this tenor should be a powerful player with a rich, fat sound and slick keywork.

Once the overhaul is complete, I will take new pictures and replace the ones here- remember these pictures are pre-overhaul!  In the meantime, feel free to ask questions or reserve this horn if you are interested.  If you catch me before I do the overhaul, you can have your pick of resonators.