Stohrer Music News, Vol. 2

So, lots going on, quick post from the middle of it all for an update.


I am now a dealer for BAM France cases, also Pro-Tec cases.   If you don’t see what you want in stock, let me know and I can order it.

I did an interview for a sax website a while back, it got such a positive response I now have a repair column, for which I write monthly-ish.

I’ve gotten nicely busy with overhauls.  As ever, contact me for information on having your horn overhauled by me.

I am moving across town to a spot across the street from Eno River State Park  halfway between Durham, NC and Hillsborough NC (about 10 minutes from each) at the end of this month, to a much larger place on 8 acres of land in the middle of a forest.  I will have a large amount of space for my work, almost doubling the most I’ve had up until this point, and finally no neighbors to bother with noise.  Expect more mad science with mouthpieces and necks over the next year as I now have the space to do so again.

Here are some photos of the new place:


Padwork, practicing, general bench work will be done here:


Dentwork, soldering, brazing, metalwork, machining, cleaning etc. will be done here:


Definitely my favorite shop so far, and I plan on being here for a good long while.  Lots of space, nobody to bother, peace and quiet whenever I’m not disrupting it myself.  I can’t wait!


So that happens at the end of this month.  Busy as can be until then, and packing starts soon.  Once I get settled in and get the shop built up to my liking I’ll post some more photos.

As always, thanks for visiting.