1953 SML (Strasser-Marigaux-Lemaire) “Revision D” alto saxophone



This is a beautiful 1953 made-in-Paris SML Revision D (Rev. D) alto saxophone in original lacquer. This design, with its rolled toneholes, stack adjustment screws, opposite-sprung octave mechanism, and removable neck locking ring would form the basis for SML’s “Gold Medal” model after winning several gold medal awards at the International Music Exhibition at The Hague in the mid-50s. It won these awards with very good reason- these are some of the best horns ever made. Intonation and ergonomics are excellent, and the sound is lush, huge, and powerful.

This particular horn is in good physical condition and is in the process of receiving a full overhaul, after which more pictures and description will be added to this listing. I have overhauled many SML saxophones and you can be assured that this horn will feel fantastic and play even better when I am done.

Dollar for dollar, it is hard to find a better saxophone anywhere.

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