Stohrer Music News, #1

Hello!  So here we are.  New website, new products, new location, new email, new phone number.  Find my contact info in the contact section, find my repair information in the repair services section, read about me and my philosophies in the about and philosophy sections respectively.


This website, as you can probably tell, is still getting touched up.  I am building it myself, so don’t be surprised if you see some hiccups.  If you see anything strange, let me know.


Things that I am aware of:  SSL not ready (in progress), gallery not completely captioned (working on it).


I am now a certified P. Mauriat dealer.  I will start by carrying a few saxophones at a time and re-investing as time goes on to carry more and more stock.  I can order anything they make (including necks) and may even be able to special order a custom build if you are interested.  I am doing a very intensive  setup with these horns- read all about it on the new saxophone setup page.


I am also selling vintage saxophones and vintage mouthpieces.  The collection will grow over time.


I can also special order just about anything saxophonic- if you are in the market for a purchase and would like to do it through me, get in touch and let’s work together to make it happen.

And of course, I am repairing saxophones.  This is the foundation of my business.


Welcome to the new Stohrer Music.  Poke around and let me know if you see anything amiss.  I will continue working on this site as time goes on, but I am sure in the beginning there may be a few hiccups as I made it myself and am pretty new to web work!

Thanks for stopping by!