End of 2017 catch-up post

It has been a hell of a year.  Stayed really busy, and remembered to take a few photos of some of the stuff that came across my bench.  I saw an unusual number of early Mark VIs, Conn 30Ms, Conn 26Ms, and original pads horns of all types, and several horns I had never had the opportunity to work on before.  Really amazing year, workwise, and I feel like I am finally getting decent at this job, 15 years in.  


In no particular order, some- not nearly all- of what came across the bench this past year.  




Martin “The Music Man” Committee Tenor Saxophone
Stohrer Music News, #1
Collectors Condition Conn Transitional Alto Saxophone with Original Warranty
Why is my C, D, E, A stuffy? Why does it have a different tonal color?