End of 2017 catch-up post

It has been a hell of a year.  Stayed really busy, and remembered to take a few photos of some of the stuff that came across my bench.  I saw an unusual number of early Mark VIs, Conn 30Ms, Conn 26Ms, and original pads horns of all types, and several horns I had never had the opportunity to work on before.  Really amazing year, workwise, and I feel like I am finally getting decent at this job, 15 years in.  


In no particular order, some- not nearly all- of what came across the bench this past year.  




Selmer Radio Improved Alto Saxophone, Burnished Gold Plate
1933 Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone
Selmer Radio Improved Alto Saxophone, Original Silver Plate
Solid Sterling Silver Selmer Series III alto saxophone